CMS Technologies

Software Consultants Can Help You Choose the Right CMS

Web application development is about using technologies that can create a positive user experience both for the customer and the business owner. Harlow Technologies has extensive experience working with a variety of industry leading content management systems (CMS). Not sure which one to use? Our software consulting team can evaluate your specific situation and help you find the perfect CMS to meet your project requirements. Contact Harlow Technologies today to speak with one of our consultants to find out which system is best for you.


SilverStripe is an open source CMS that is known for the intuitive nature of its interface. It is both elegant and straightforward and does not require complicated coding to get up and running. Using the Sapphire framework, SilverStripe allows for the easy management of the creation of new content and keeping track of your data.

When setting up a new installation of Silverstripe we make sure that the application interface is fully customized in accordance to your needs. SilverStripe also plays nice with others and works in conjunction with many other platforms including:

  • Operating Systems (Windows, Mac)
  • Web servers (Apache, IIS)
  • Databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL)

A number of our clients who choose SilverStripe do so because they are interested in being intimately involved in the web application development process. Its advanced drag-and-drop features let users make changes without needing to know any specific coding languages. Contact Harlow Technologies today to see if Silverstripe is right for you.


Drupal is a CMS that the team at Harlow Technologies has used to create and manage both Fortune 500 corporate web sites and resource directories for non-profit institutions. Some of the web’s largest sites operate on the Drupal platform, making it a very popular and well-maintained CMS.

In the commerce development arena, Drupal has two main modules called Ubercart and E-Commerce that facilitate most of its core commerce functionality. Within these modules users can integrate features such as:

  • Coupon creation
  • Coupon redemption
  • Payment integration
  • Shopping cart functions

In addition to its commerce capabilities, Drupal also works well for community portal sites, new publishing sites, blogs, and other collaborative authoring environments. Software development engineers enjoy the ability to work with the 6000 different modules that Drupal has to offer in order to customize websites and other applications for whatever your needs might be. Contact Harlow Technologies to find out if Drupal could work for your project.


Wordpress established a reputation as being the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. The platform also happens to be an effective CMS that is completely customizable with countless plugins, widgets, and themes. The beauty of this open-source blogging and website CMS is that it allows both users and developers to make changes to an application based on ability level. Those who have specific experience in PHP or MySQL can program changes just as easily as those who have a more limited knowledge of the inner workings of the CMS.

Millions of people and a variety of businesses both large and small use WordPress for multi-user sites and blogs. It has an intelligent text formatting system, making it easy to manage, and saves all the changes you make directly to your site’s template. The team of experienced developers at Harlow Technologies will help create a system that leverages the simplicity of Wordpress to compliment their client’s technical ability.