Let us help you pick the right language for the task.

In order to tailor software applications to your exact specifications, we use a number of programming languages to make your database, iPhone app, or web application project come alive. We focus on web application development by customizing useful software that a client can continually use.

You will quickly come to realize that our specialists, who are fluent in ColdFusion, Lasso, and PHP, commit to making your project fit within your organization’s needs. Our versatility and understanding of these languages allow us to create a fully integrated web application or database system design that streamlines your data for a fully optimized business experience.


PHP stands among the top scripting language used in the web programming world today. Websites like Facebook and Twitter use PHP to tackle almost any kind of Internet job through their interfaces. The beauty of this language lies in its simple usage and deployment. Developers with backgrounds in C, HTML, or Javascript can easily adapt to PHP syntax. And not to mention, it can be deployed on almost any platform including Mac, Windows and Unix/Linux.

At Harlow Technologies, we use PHP as the base language for our highly sophisticated and AJAX enabled websites. We specialize in creating rich interfaces through integrating Javascript, JQuery, and PHP to create out-of-the-box and time saving web applications. We have a team that routinely creates custom functions and innovative solutions in PHP for your web app or mobile application development needs.

PHP, coupled with Apache and mySQL provides the best infrastructure for any kind of stable application targeted for any number of users. It is a platform independent server-side scripting language that carries unlimited benefits with respect to its development and management on nearly any environment.

You can trust the team of engineers at Harlow Technologies to use the best tools to create the best solution for your business. Contact us today to turn your project into a reality.


Lasso can be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, and includes an easy-to-use scripting language and also features options to manage and improve data integrity in a multi-author environment. The Lasso server provides access to many types of databases through JDBC, ODBC and FileMaker Pro. Web application developers use Lasso to enhance the cross-platform functionality of their applications and make connections to:

  • Web servers such as Apache or IIS
  • Data sources such as FileMaker Pro, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Email systems through POP and SMTP
  • Directory services such as Active Directory and LDAP

Due to ease of custom routine development in Lasso, our developers and engineers extend the possibilities of the language beyond limits to provide your desired results.


Originally owned by Macromedia and later purchased by Adobe, ColdFusion is a sophisticated web development platform that allows developers to create robust, database-driven websites. It gives users a rich interface according to their requirements. Scalable systems can be created with great accuracy in ColdFusion and web applications can be customized according to any user’s personal, professional, or corporate needs.

Due to current ownership of ColdFusion, it seamlessly integrates with other popular technologies owned by Adobe such as Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF conversion and creation. Not to mention, it is the world’s favorite tool for website creation. ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) almost replicates the syntax of HTML and JavaScript, providing even more versatility to the developer.

Features include its ability to:

  • Integrate error-free with PDF and Adobe Flash
  • Task scheduling
  • Image handling and manipulation through integration with Photoshop
  • Data management across large enterprise networks and systems such as Active Directory, POP, HTTP and Microsoft Exchange Server