Harlow Technologies has been working on enterprise level custom database projects for over 15 years. You have probably even used a product or service that was built or supported by Harlow Technologies without ever knowing it.

Below you will see a brief outline of some of the work and services that we can provide. No two companies are the same and that is how we approach any custom database, mobile or web application project. We start with the desired result and engineer how to get there using the best tools available. Here are some examples of some of our projects you might be familiar with…

  • Next time you go to see a 3D blockbuster you are seeing the direct result of a Harlow Technologies maintained system that helped Technicolor distribute movies to thousands of theatres.
  • If you are one of the over 18 million people who have satellite television with DIRECTV you have seen the results of our custom database work.
  • Listening online or over the air to one of the largest California public radio stations, KCRW, you may have wondered what that song was you heard yesterday? Harlow Technologies programmed the online database to share that information.

The mark of any good design and system is how seamless it integrates with a company or organization. You should never notice it is there. Solutions need to work when you need them, be intuitive, and amplify the efficiency of the task at hand. The team at Harlow Technologies has created hundreds of custom solutions over the years that have generated millions of dollars in savings and direct revenue for our clients. Call us today or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation with one of our developers today.

FileMaker Development

Does your organization love FileMaker Pro? Do you need a custom FileMaker Developer? Harlow Technologies experience in custom FileMaker development is second to none.

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Web Application Development

Simple static websites can't always get the job done. When you need a robust back end to power your next web application we can help.

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Mobile App Development

Has your organization been thinking about a mobile app? Click to learn how Harlow Technologies can help take your app idea from concept to reality.

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Custom Database Development

Databases run your world. When you need the best in database management and design then it's time to contact Harlow Tech. We specialize in custom database development.

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