As a leading web application development company, we focus on bringing you the cutting edge in technology for your business. It’s not enough to use a simple, static web page when your competitors have fully interactive websites. At Harlow Technologies we use the best products to build a custom solution for each of our clients. Our developers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in creating custom, innovative databases and applications to streamline your business. From software consulting to mobile app development, Harlow Technologies provides solutions to transform the way you do business.

CMS Technologies

We are interested in the art and science of dynamic content management systems (CMS). Customizing CMS platforms to fit your company’s needs is the foundation of our business. Our knowledge of programming languages and various web-based software applications ensures that our clients get the best system for their needs.

From custom e-commerce development to membership websites, our dedicated team can quickly turn your idea into a sophisticated website that is quick to load and easy to use for your customers.


Fluent in cutting-edge database technologies, Harlow Technologies helps your business thrive. We harness the power of FileMaker Pro to create impressive and custom database system designs. We can take advantage of exciting applications such as FileMaker Go and incorporate the benefits of MySQL or SQL Server to develop a database system that you can rely on. Knowing that a deep understanding of organization is needed to fuel productivity in business, we take exhaustive measures to integrate database system software with other software applications – making it work faster and giving your company a strong foundation for growth.


  • PHP - Used to create interactive and dynamic web pages, PHP is a scripting language that works with nearly every web server.
  • ColdFusion - an Adobe application that allows developers to create and maintain a variety of integrated Internet applications.
  • Lasso - Also used for Internet applications. Like ColdFusion and PHP this programming language lets developers interface between databases (MySQL, FileMaker Pro) while developing a web application.
  • JavaScript - A dynamic client side scripting language that can bring your web application to life.
  • SQL - The language used by nearly every one of the most popular database systems in the world.
Harlow Technologies understands the relationship and intricacies of these languages and blows the competition away when it comes to sleek usability and interactive design. That is why Fortune 500 companies and large public institutions have been our clients since 1997.