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Technology Services for Altadena Businesses

Custom Application Development

At Harlow Tech, an Altadena Filemaker Developer, customization is our specialty. We deliver modern applications to businesses that fit their unique processes and goals. Using advanced Claris FileMaker skills, we securely create, host, optimize, and automate business applications. Our goal is to make productivity possible wherever you are - whether that’s in the office or not.

Web Development

Your website plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. That’s why we believe mission-critical applications and workflows should work seamlessly with your site. Allow us to smoothly implement new processes in the background, as well as optimize for mobile devices.

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Our Altadena IT company has been working with a variety of businesses for years. We’re looking for long-term partnerships, and we’ve found many in industries such as:

Consumer Goods & Manufacturing


Biotech & Pharma


Film & Postproduction

Why Harlow Tech Is Special

We’re proud to be different from the average IT company in Altadena. Our goal isn’t just to keep your company’s gears churning - it’s to equip your business with even better strategies and applications. When you partner with us you can expect:

Platinum level customer service

Guidance based on decades of experience

Seamless, carefully planned system integrations

Solutions customized specifically for your business

Dedication to your brand’s mission


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