Custom Application Development and IT Services Designed for Nonprofits


Because even charities have data management and administrative needs.

Nonprofits do so much for others - but who is helping them? Many are working with limited funds, staff, and resources. Add in some outdated technology and you’re dealing with seriously reduced productivity.

Harlow Technologies is happy to provide nonprofits with IT support and custom application development to streamline workflows. From Microsoft Excel tweaks to creating new FileMaker databases and workflows, we’ll ensure you have the necessary technology to pursue your mission.


You need to keep volunteers engaged and informed.

Managing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of volunteers requires a high-end communication system - not just a rudimentary Google Sheet setup. Harlow Tech sets up databases with custom SMS alerts, follow-up messages, and other automated notifications to keep everyone in the loop.


Automate admin work and focus more on real relationships.

Your employees and volunteers should be forging relationships and making a difference - not dealing with tedious admin work. Gone are the days of multiple Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel Documents, and disconnected workflows. Our custom application development services will ensure monotonous tasks are automated and workflows are streamlined.


Use “real-time” data to make important decisions.

Every nonprofit, big or small, needs access to its data. Harlow Tech will help you break down important numbers like “funds spent” to make more informed decisions in the future. Our databases reduce time spent manually generating reports and provide real-time information.

Build Custom Applications and Access Managed IT Support

Regardless of your budget, you need IT support that helps your organization make a big impact on your respective community. Harlow Technologies works with nonprofits to overcome funding and staff challenges with versatile, customizable services.

Here’s how we do it.

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Custom Application Development Services

Every nonprofit has unique requirements.

We meet each organization’s needs by developing apps that:

Are custom-designed just for your company.

Maximize your current staff’s capabilities.

Focus specifically on your nonprofit’s goals.

Are crafted by Claris Certified FileMaker Pros.

Comprehensive Managed IT Offers

Your technology should just work when you need it to.

Our IT support team makes sure that:

Your devices are properly protected at all

Technology serves as an aid, not a hindrance.

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Expert Web Development

Your nonprofit’s website serves as the face of your organization.

We’ll configure the site to:

Properly convey your nonprofit’s worth.

Support your web applications and systems.

Offer a superb user experience.

Our Promise to Nonprofit Organizations

  • The Harlow Team Listens

    We don’t walk on the scene and talk over your staff. Instead, we approach every nonprofit project with an open mind. We’ll listen to your concerns, goals, and challenges so that we can properly address them with our tactics.

  • We Provide Education and Support

    Harlow Tech’s approach always involves honest communication. We’ll explain each of our decisions and tactics thoroughly, and we’ll never make a move that your nonprofit doesn’t support. This will be a team effort.

  • Our Pricing Model is Always Transparent

    We hate hidden fees as much as you do. If your nonprofit partners with Harlow Tech, you’ll never experience pushy sales pitches or sneaky charges later on. We’ll present our managed IT services prices upfront so you know exactly what to expect.

  • We Respond to Your Needs Quickly

    When managing hundreds of employees or overseeing a large fundraising event, there’s no time to wait around when technology malfunctions. Harlow Tech offers service 365 days a year. When you experience a road bump, we’re ready to help.

What Our Nonprofit Clients Say


HarlowTech’s IT team has been instrumental in maintaining our server and computer-related operations!

Jeremy Teoh | DDS, MPH | Jeremy Teoh DDS, Inc.

Daniel and his team are just a text or phone call away, and response times are prompt especially in the midst of a crisis. They are thorough and are ready to assist at a moment's notice! I am grateful to have HarlowTech for my IT needs.


I have worked with Harlow Technologies for over 7 years at Armory.

Jon Lapointe | Armory Center for the Arts

The registration system and website that they created for us has been essential to our business. I cannot recommend them highly enough for their excellent work and customer service.


I always feel like a VIP with HarlowTech.

Joe Conley | IATSE Local 33

From FileMaker updates to IT solutions, I am happy to work with this team. They have helped us with weekend server updates, prepping technology for large staff meetings, VoIP phone system, software development, remote working, security and even fixing our team text messaging system. You name it, and they find a way to help. Highly recommended!


HarlowTech helped my company create a best-in-class quoting tool that was tailored to our very exacting sales process requirements.

Alex Berezin | Arecont Vision LLC

This project saved our company hundreds of hours of time in the sales process, and boosted our ability to pull meaningful data from our formerly paper process. In addition to FileMaker and Web App projects, HarlowTech consulted with us on cybersecurity and IT issues, and I am very happy with their performance. I would be happy to work with them again in the future!

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