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Your educational organization has specific needs and we have the knowledge and tools to meet them.

The days of pen and paper classrooms are practically gone. School IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. The more we rely on tablets and computers for education, the more our technology requirements grow.

Harlow Technologies has helped many schools and educational organizations with everything from administrative workflows to custom application development and student progress tracking. You focus on educating - we’ll provide the necessary technology and guidance.

  • Custom Applications that Simplifies Systems

    Teaching should be your primary focus, but you also must keep up with the required administrative processes.  To make things easier, Harlow Tech simplifies school systems. We create applications and websites to streamline internal requests, payment management, and substitute teacher scheduling.

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    Keeping track of Documents

    Colleges and universities publish academic documents and seek patents for their research. Keeping track of every document and trademark is difficult, but Harlow Tech has made it easier with database management systems specifically designed for higher education. We’ll help you easily organize renewal dates and appeal deadlines.

  • Fully online class registration systems are essential.

    Paper applications are all but obsolete. Most students and parents expect your school to have an online system for enrollment and registration. Allow us to set up a digital class system that keeps track of everything from admission statuses to old transcripts.

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    Communicating with Student & Parents

    Harlow Tech can customize an application that allows you to reach out to your students and/or parents via text and email to inform them of deadlines and events.

Create Solutions With Custom Applications and Websites

Technology has quickly become an essential aspect of every educational organization. A weak IT setup hinders your ability to properly manage and educate - which is why we’ve started partnering with schools. Together, we can maximize your educational company’s influence and success.

Here’s how we do it.

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Your educational organization has specific needs, and we have the knowledge and tools to meet them.

All of our custom applications are:

Structured around your team’s requests and requirements.

Crafted based on your organization’s goals.

Fully original and tailored to your brand.

Made by Claris Certified FileMaker Pros.


Your website needs to entice learners and accurately represent your educational vision.

We create websites that:

Support all of your apps and systems.

Achieve your organization’s requests and requirements.

Offer a straightforward, enjoyable user experience.

Allows staff to update text - keep event schedules accurate

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Our Promise to Educational Companies

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  • We Actually Listen

    You know your school or educational center better than anyone else. That’s why we want to learn from you before we dive head-first into your project. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

  • We Share Our Knowledge

    We don’t have to tell you that education is all about communication. Our clients are kept in the loop throughout our partnership. We’ll share our hard-earned knowledge and run every decision by you before making a big call.

  • Our Prices Are 100% Transparent

    Harlow Technologies is fully against hidden fees. When you work with us, we present our prices upfront - and that’s it. We won’t sneak in sales pitches or up charges.

  • We Ensure Quick Responses

    When something isn’t working in your school you need a rapid fix. We offer support services every day of the year, so if your educational organization encounters a hiccup, we’re always on standby to lend a hand

What Our Clients Say

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HarlowTech’s IT team has been instrumental in maintaining our server and computer-related operations!

Jeremy Teoh | DDS, MPH | Jeremy Teoh DDS, Inc.

Daniel and his team are just a text or phone call away, and response times are prompt especially in the midst of a crisis. They are thorough and are ready to assist at a moment's notice! I am grateful to have HarlowTech for my IT needs.

Person logo

I have worked with Harlow Technologies for over 7 years at Armory.

Jon Lapointe | Armory Center for the Arts

The registration system and website that they created for us has been essential to our business. I cannot recommend them highly enough for their excellent work and customer service.

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I always feel like a VIP with HarlowTech.

Joe Conley | IATSE Local 33

From FileMaker updates to IT solutions, I am happy to work with this team. They have helped us with weekend server updates, prepping technology for large staff meetings, VoIP phone system, software development, remote working, security and even fixing our team text messaging system. You name it, and they find a way to help. Highly recommended!

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HarlowTech helped my company create a best-in-class quoting tool that was tailored to our very exacting sales process requirements.

Alex Berezin | Arecont Vision LLC

This project saved our company hundreds of hours of time in the sales process, and boosted our ability to pull meaningful data from our formerly paper process. In addition to FileMaker and Web App projects, HarlowTech consulted with us on cybersecurity and IT issues, and I am very happy with their performance. I would be happy to work with them again in the future!


There’s never a “better” time to revolutionize your school’s technology infrastructure. We’ve seen what custom application development can do in the realm of education, and we’re ready to provide the IT development and guidance your organization needs.

Start your educational IT journey by scheduling a free consultation with the Harlow Tech team.

Call (866) 852-4484 or send us a message at [email protected].

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