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Top-tier customization services for local businesses throughout the Los Angeles area.

Our Technology Services for Hollywood Businesses

Custom Application Development

At Harlow Technologies, we create, host, optimize, and automate business applications. Our experience with Claris FileMaker allows us to craft solutions designed to fit your business’s unique processes. Additionally, we’ll ensure you can access your applications and databases from anywhere on any device.

Web Development

Your website is an integral element of your online presence. Our developers ensure everything runs smoothly in the background while also optimizing for an excellent user experience on the front end. We’ll also set up your website for mobile devices and applications.

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Our services are available to a wide range of businesses. Currently, we’re working with clients from many different local industries, including:

Consumer Goods & Manufacturing


Biotech & Pharma


Film & Postproduction

What Makes Harlow Tech Shine?

There are many Hollywood providers out there, but we don’t all offer the same things. Our team goes above and beyond to improve your business technology, not just to maintain it. When you partner with Harlow Tech, you can expect:

A serious commitment to you brand’s goals

Expert guidance rooted in years of experience

A-list customer service experiences

Customized solutions built specifically for you

Smooth, painless system integrations


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