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Helping you with all your FileMaker needs

One of our most popular tools for custom development projects is FileMaker Pro. We have helped both Fortune 500 and small businesses implement FileMaker solutions to meet their business needs. FileMaker Pro is a rapid application tool that allows us to quickly and easily build systems that work seamlessly across multiple platforms including Mac and Windows. FileMaker also allows us to establish a live connection with your external SQL sources such as MySQL and Oracle. With just a few clicks, you can securely publish surveys, contact forms, customer responses, and much more.

FileMaker offers:

  • Multiple Functionality – Personnel records, inventory management, email campaigns, contact management and much more all are under one umbrella.

  • Ease of Use – Once designed and installed, employee engagement is routine.

  • Simplicity of Migration – Transfer to and from Excel, PDF and other formats is unimpeded.

  • Cross-Platform Usability – Provides equal adaptation to iOS, Windows, Mac.

Our FileMaker Pro background includes system designs for:

  • Project management

  • Regulatory review and approval

  • Enterprise resource planning and integration with SAP

  • Event planning

  • Student registration

  • Invoicing including QuickBooks integration

  • Executive dashboards with custom charts

  • Advanced native Excel exports

If you currently run FileMaker Pro and are encountering performance issues, Harlow Technologies can help. Chances are you have outgrown your existing version or the system was improperly designed from inception. We will analyze your needs and rebuild the software to provide exactly the performance you require.

Today, with FileMaker Go, you can easily access all of your data with your iPhone or iPad. As your FileMaker consultants, we can also show you how to connect with your Android and Blackberry device through FileMaker Server. We will demonstrate the ease and value of providing complete reports with charts, graphics, and video that will impress your clients and staff alike.

Harlow Technologies is a complete FileMaker developer and will provide ongoing training and support. Call us today or just fill out of free consultation session form.